Simplify: Ditch Un-Worn Clothes

Credit: King Chung Huang

My friend Lisa sent me this nifty trick that she saw from Peter Walsh.

** Basically when you clean out your closet and add new seasonal stuff you point all the hangers in one direction and make a note on your calendar for 3-6 months out.

** During that time whenever you wear and wash something put the hangers back the other way around.

** At the end of that time go back to your closet and whatever is still in the original position needs to be cleaned out as you’re really not wearing it.

** For me it always used to be a one year rule. If I didn’t wear it in a year it was time to pass it on. Same with my kids clothes. Now every time I take Isaac’s clothes that are too short to put in totes for his little brother, if it’s something he hasn’t worn chances are neither will Chase and I donate it.

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