Simplify: Ditch The Plastic Containers

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This step literally freed up a whole cabinet shelf for me and left me with no more, “where in the world is that lid?” questions.  I did it 2 years ago and haven’t looked back.  You probably won’t either.

Does your tupperware collection look a little like mine used to? Boxes all over that somehow mysteriously lose their lids in the dishwasher like socks lose their match in the dryer? I got sick and tired of shoving these into my cupboard and taking up prime cupboard real estate with a bunch of containers I never used that I decided to get radical.
My darling friend bought me this very practical Christmas gift that I’d hinted at: Some glass pyrex dishes. Difficult to stain, pop straight in the microwave and can store food. Genius. Even more genius? There’s only 5 of them.
This is how they look in the cupboard. For real. My mother in law was skeptical and encouraged me to keep some around “just in case.” She didn’t reckon with me in Chunk out the Chintz mode! I decided I’d do an experiment and emptied the contents of the cupboard into two bags that I placed in the garage. If I didn’t use them in two months I wasn’t going to use them.

Well, two years later and guess what? (Ok nobody tell her I was right!! ;>)

How are you going to store all your food? What about leftovers? I’ve found that because I only have a few containers we go through leftovers quickly so that I can clean the containers out for new food. Win-win (-win for any Office fans!)

What about freezing? Shock! Horror! I decided that using a couple of airtight bags was a better space saver anyway and not super expensive. I took that expense over the mess.

So, homework: Grab those tupperwares and sort. Get radical like I did and either sort and keep a couple or buy some glass ones. You can have 2 months to weigh it like I did and when we meet at the thrift store as we hand our bags of tupperware over I swear I won’t say, “I told you so!

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  1. Love the idea. I used to sell Tupperware and to all the dear ladies who tell you at parties that you can never have too much Tupperware, I beg to differ. I have gone through my cupboards once and have pretty much given away all the Tupperware that I have bought and used. I have a couple of my favorite pieces that I still use. I love seeing how empty your cupboard looks!

  2. Yoda Kulhawik says:

    Bravo! I’m trying to do the same, but haven’t been so radical. Maybe it’s time. I got the same Pyrex glass set, and I even freeze in it. But, I too use freezer bags and like doing so better than freezing in the glass. I find we also go thru left overs faster – because we can see what’s in the dish! I may get busy this weekend and bag up some of the plastic-ware. My motto for this year is SIMPLIFY. Good luck to us all. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the perspective. I’m moving toward glass and loving it.

    • It really helped me Suzanne, I HATE all that mess and searching for lids. I’d love to see a picture of your cupboard once you clean out! Clair


  1. […] THis is a GREAT way to get organized as I proved about two years ago when I switched to all glass to store food. See my post here: Simplify – Ditch The Plastic Containers. […]

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