Simplify: 7 Steps to Simplicity – M&M Time


I loved this idea so much that a dear reader sent me that I’ve decided to include it in our series. So without further ado (as I’m sure you’re wondering………..) here’s what M&M Time is.

M&M Time is 5 minutes of ‘Minimum Maintenance Time’, with the timer set for five minutes for hurrying to pick up and straighten the house… followed by five M&M’s for a reward!

Keep a very pretty basket that fits in with the decor of your dining room/living room for the ‘toys of the day’… handy for the toys and books, etc. to be placed in quickly. It seems like the pretty basket is just something psychologically beneficial for Mums.

Do a quick M&M time before the arrival of company, right before Dad comes home in the evenings, and before going out. It’s so nice to come home to a neat house. ;o)

After a while drop the M&Ms as rewards. It seems like the fun of racing the timer is enough after a while.

Homework: Designate a basket to be the M&M basket and keep it handy. Grab some M&Ms and set that timer!

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