Simplify: 7 Steps to Simplicity – Make Your Bed Every Day


Oh boy! This is a hard one for me because things are hotting up and now I’ve got some homework to do too! You see, I’ll confess: I’m a Grade A none bed maker. In fact both Hubby and I tell people that there’s no point in making a bed when you’re going to sleep in it again at night. But……..

I have a friend who’s “a bit” of a neat freak and she swears that by just making the bed in the morning it starts your day off right. It takes around 1 minute and is perfect for the busy Mum’s guide to de-cluttering that we’re doing here during this series.

So, homework for all of us: Make your bed today. Then, see if it doesn’t motivate you to tackle other small projects around the house. A made bed helps you feel motivated to do other pick-up jobs around the bedroom too and may mean that the pile of laundry in the corner gets sorted too!

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