Simple Back to School Teacher Gifts

Back to school teacher gift

I must be the luckiest homeschool Mum out there because I already got one of these simple back to school teacher gifts!

On Sunday night while we were checking Isaac had everything in his backpack he produced a small gift for his teacher. AKA Me. After I’d got over my “oh-my-goodness-am-I-really-homeschooling” thoughts, I opened it to find this super sweet little bottle of bubble bath from my mother in law. How sweet is she?

Last year we gave Isaac’s preschool teachers candy but I LOVED this idea too so if you need a simple back to school gift this is it!

Simple grab a small bottle of bubble bath and write a tag “I’m bubbling over with excitement that you’re my teacher!” Have your kids sign it and pop it in their backpak for the teacher to find!

Back to school teacher gift

Other great back to school gifts:

Teacher Appreciation gifts
Candy Bar For Teachers: Don’t give an apple, give candy instead with this “just because” teacher gift.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Need more Back to School Teacher Gifts?

If you’re looking for teacher appreciation gifts I’ve got a big list for you, including the teacher candy bar poem that I made for Isaac’s teachers last year.  Of course, gift cards are nice but they are more expensive and it’s hard to remember the individual who gave it to you ten years later unlike these special homemade teacher gifts.  Each of these teacher appreciation gifts will run you under $5, some even less, and most of them come with free printable tags for you to print out and gift.

These frugal gift ideas will help bring a smile to a teacher’s face. Don’t forget the music teacher, physical education teacher, computer teacher, etc. Often the “specials” teachers get over looked. Remember the secretary who can make your life a tad easier when you are running late or trying to get a note to your child. 🙂

A Note on Teacher Gifts

I come from a long line of teachers in my family including my Mum. One year for Christmas she got a photo of Istanbul. No joke. Except we did. We all cracked up {sorry} I love giving teacher gifts but throughout blogging some of these I’ve been told by a couple of teachers that some just end up in a box.

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