Silver Jewelry Club: Free Jewelry Makes Great Gifts!

While I’d heard of the Silver Jewelry Club I’d never tried it out and yet again I sucked it up and decided to try it out for you guys! Convincing Hubs was easier than most of my “research” shopping trips as this one was free. “Ok, so where’s the catch,” I hear you cry. Well, here it is: you pay shipping. So I browsed the site for a little while and finally the adorable ring above caught my eye and I snagged one. I paid shipping of $6.99 (flat fee; always the same) and waited for the disappointment. A few days later the mail lady brought a box and in it was a little bag with this ring in.
“Ok so it can’t be real silver,” I thought looking in it for the familiar 925 marking. Sure enough, there it was.
$6.99 for a genuine silver ring? Oh my goodness I’m stocking up for Christmas!
So then I anticipated the follow up sales calls. I waited. And waited. Yup, notta one! Nada!

Mummy is a happy girly coz I LLLLLLLLLLLOVE silver jewelry. Go here for yours.

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