"Sick of all Those Cleaners" Giveaway – Win an Activeion

Are you sick of all the bottles of cleaning supplies under the sink? Sick of using toxic cleaners? Then I’ve got a great giveaway for you!

There is a new green cleaner that was just launched because it is the only hand-held cleaner that contains no chemicals and carries no warning label. Most of us use chemicals to clean and the stats show that we are actually not only breathing in toxic chemicals, but are also leaving a residue behind. These toxins remain on our counter tops, our children’s toys, the floors they crawl on, etc. G.r.o.s.s.

For the first time, people have a healthier, safer option. Last month, Activeion Cleaning Solutions introduced the Activeion Pro, a general-purpose cleaner that contains only tap water. Using a unique technology, the sprayer transforms the tap water into a powerful cleaner. The Activeion Pro is versatile, ideal for use on glass, stainless steel, wood, stone and marble as well as carpet and clothing. In fact, it can replace many general-purpose chemical cleaners commonly used for these types of surfaces. The user simply fills the half-liter reservoir with tap water, charges the battery and it is ready for use.

I tried it and I’ve gotta tell you – it was the only thing that removed the stains from my rug (that have been there for months!) You can use it on everything pretty much, eliminating the need for all those bottles!

If this sounds a bit ‘too good to be true’ – let me give you the little science lesson that the great folks at Coyne PR gave me!!:
The Activeion Pro actually uses a version of electrolyzed water, which has been used for many years, usually in the commercial setting and often in equipment like floor scrubbers. Electrolyzed water creates two streams of water, one acidic and one alkaline, both of which have clean properties. Unfortunately, to create what’s called “activated” water, it requires large expensive tanks.

The process: The process that activates tap water and turns it into a powerful cleaner is a three-step process. It begins when the Activeion Pro’s trigger is pressed and the tap water flows through a cell that applies a slight electrical charge to it. Next, the charged water passes through an ion exchange membrane, where it is separated into an oxygenated mixture of positively and negatively charged nano-bubbles. When applied, the transformed, newly activated water helps lift the dirt from the surface like a magnet, enabling it to be wiped away. The activated water is completely safe, returning to its original, non-electrically charged, tap water state after 30 to 45 seconds.

The safest option for people as well as the environment, the Activeion Pro is a commercial product that is available to consumers online at the purchase price of $299 but I’ve got one to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.

To enter all you’ve got to do is leave a comment. That’s it. Wow, am I making these contests easy for ya’ll this week!!

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