Shrink Your Bills…..for Free!

It’s great to have options. But since there are literally millions of options to consider when looking at credit cards, cell phone plans and gas stations, it’s just not possible for a mere mortal to sort through them we all. BillShrink puts technology to work by scanning millions of data points and constantly re-calculating your usage and needs against all the possible product combinations. Simply put, we’ve gone to all the trouble so you don’t have to.

That’s the words taken straight from the BillShrink website. What they do is compare cell phone packages, gas stations and credit cards and tell you the best plan. Sounds like a good idea? That’s what I thought! I tried it out and although supposedly we’re still using the best cell phone plan for what we have I thought it was a very cool tool to check into. Best thing of all? It’s F-ree!

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