Shopscotch: Another Great Cash Back Site

I LOVE shopping online and I LOVE getting paid to do it. Yup, if you’ve never heard of a cash back site, get ready! There are a few sites out there that encourage you to go “through” their site to get to the place you’re going. It’s kind of like they’re the mall and you go through the door to get to GAP. Except, when you go through them, they give you cash back on your purchase. Pretty cool huh? With Christmas a-coming I thought I’d give a holler out to a new one I just found called Shopscotch.

You can join HERE and then use them when you shop to get something back. Its members earn cash back for making online purchases.

In addition to cash back, Shopscotch members will also earn badges based on their shopping behavior and other interactions. Membership is free and quick.

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