Shop the Closet

Thanks to my friend, Laurie, for this idea that I need to let our MOPS steering committee know about!

It’s called “Shop the Closet” and is a great frugal way to get new clothes. Anyone in MOPs, from the church, or whoever can put clothes or household stuff in a specified closet at the church, then 4x per year, we have Shop the Closet day at a regular MOPs meeting time and all the stuff is laid out in sizes, etc. and everything is free for MOPs moms. If people want to come the day before on Monday to set all the stuff out for Shop the Closet, then those people get to shop early on the Monday that they are there, in addition to being able to shop on Tuesday. Is that the coolest thing or what?!?!?! Free for all to give and receive.

Thanks, Laurie!

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