Shoebox Blitz 2011 And My Trip To NYC

Recently I had the privilege of being a part of one of operation Christmas Child’s biggest endeavors to get the word out about shoeboxes. As ya’ll know that I’m a big lover of OCC so I was so excited to be asked.

It started just like any other day really. I had my coffee, my new Droid…and oh yeah I was in a giant shoebox to raise awareness for one of my fave ministries.

Did I mention that I’d be walking NYC in the box?! We found they were a little tricky to sit down in but thankfully I got hooked up big time and the two girls I was with are NYC natives so at least we didn’t get lost. My OCC Blogging buddy Amanda from Oh Amanda! and I headed to the Today Show to…. well…try and get on tv. She made it in a more conventional way by being part of the OCC crowd. I decided that dancing on the street while the cameras were on Ann Curry and I was behind her would be a better idea 😉 Me reminding Hubs that Santa needs to stop at Tiffany & Co!

Ready for the biggest packing party eva!  We did 5000 boxes. At the end of the day I did get to see a little of New York minus the box!  It was a whirlwind trip and I know lots of you followed me on it throughout the day on Facebook.

Probably my favorite part of the day was getting to meet Livia Satterfield who’s originally from Romania but after receiving a shoebox while in an orphange not only came to know Jesus but also the lady who delivered the box to her adopted her! This is just the coolest story. Please take a minute to watch my interview:

How about OCC Shoebox Blitz Chicago 2012? Anyone in?

Disclosure: I don’t get anything blogging for Operation Christmas Child.  I do it because my Husband and I believe in it and want to help millions of kids out.  However this trip was compensated.


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