Shark Watermelon Carving

Normally I make the Watermelon Basket out of a fresh watermelon when I serve guests but we were headed to a playdate with kids I thought I’d make a watermelon shark. I’ve found that if I carve it and serve it in small pieces we eat way more of it than if I just carve up a little at a time and as it’s good for you I often carve the whole thing.

Complete with carving pictures here’s how to make fruit salad out of a watermelon. It takes about 15 minutes.

1) First cut off the bottom of it at an angle so the “shark” looks like it’s coming out of the water.  Then score where you want the mouth.

2) Cut the mouth.



3) Hollow out the watermelon and set aside on the tray.

4) Cut out teeth.

5) Once you’ve cut the teeth scrape the top layer off each to show the whiteness of the tooth.

6) Cut out a small piece for the fin and attach with a toothpick.

7) Add an olive or a black jelly bean for eyes and there you have it – a Shark Watermelon Carving.

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