Select Playskool Toys for Just $5 at Kmart

Combine the great Playskool/Hasbro coupons here with some low prices already at Kmart to get some great deals on toys. My friend Becs alerted me to some of these last week and now it seems they’ve got even more on the list. The coupons are plentiful and over here, some are for $5 and there’s even a couple for $10. Here’s how it looks:

  • Playskool Mr Potato Head silly Suitcase was $10 now $5.
  • Playskool Lullaby glo worm was $11.99 now $6.99
  • Playskool Explore and Grow Activity ball was $14.99 now $9.99
  • Playskool Tumble and Twirl toy was $10 now $5
  • Playskool Musical Sit N Spin was $22.99 now $12.99
  • Playskool Swing Baseball was $10 now $5

Coupons are here.


  1. Amber Page Writes says:

    thanks for the heads up!

  2. Unfortunateley you missed the buy two and get one free playschool up until Sat 12/12 (That was great I got three playschool toys for $7.00) – but there are some blinkies by the Huggies diapers for $10 off if you buy box Huggies and the Playschool ball bopper and can use coupon on-line $10.00 and Huggies coupon I had $2.00. It is Crazzy deal. I spent $14.00 for Diapers and Bopper. I saw Blinkies still up in the Diaper section and toy section at my Kmart – St. John. Good Luck.

  3. I wish I lived by your K-Mart! I went to the closest one to our house this morning, ready with my coupons and excitement, and all the prices were still really expensive! The Mr. Potato Head suitcase was $10 on sale and the tumble and twirl top was $20!! Congrats to those of you with an awesome K-Mart. =)

  4. Are the "was" prices the sale prices now? And the "now" prices the prices after the coupons?

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