Searching for a Funny Mom Blog!

Sunday night had me in stitches. Sometimes I have to take a break from all things frugal and so I like to surf the internet and not find deals but find cool Mom blogs. I have a favourite I must confess. She probably doesn’t even know I exist (she will after this lemme tell ya) or how I found her but I love She Just Had to Say it. It’s always funny and a little crazy and I really do enjoy having a good giggle.
Well, I as on the phone with my gf, Candi, and told her of my plight to find a couple more Funny Mom Blogs to read. In fact, I may even follow one if I found one. Yup, I tell you to follow me and yet don’t follow anyone.
So, if you’re a fun Mom blogger who has hilarious tales to tell, who’ll make me realise that this Mummy thing drives us all crazy and I’m not alone, please leave a comment below! I’d love to check you out (in a non-weird type of way!! LOL!)

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