Savvy Source: Get a Great Discount and Make $5!

OKAY, here’s a FABULOUS deal! Are you ready to get a discount, give back to needy kids AND make money?!!! THEN READ ON QUICK!

Hands up if you’re loving the deal of the day sites or the ones that just give easy awesome savings? I know I am! Well, this one is for Savvy Source which is a place for parents to go and get FAB deals on all things kid-related. Can I get a holler?

Today they’re offering 1/2 off family passes to the Indianapolis Kid’s Museum which according to my sources is an INCREDIBLE place to go and 1/2 off is an INCREDIBLE deal.

So, here’s the scoop:

** Sign up HERE to participate. Then Each week, they offer parents a significant savings on a fun, family-friendly activity selected by our Savvy Source editors. Once enough people have signed up to purchase, the Savings and Scholarships offer becomes active. They store your receipt of purchase in your online Savvy Savings account, where you can easily find it to print now or save for later.

** Not only that but they give back! They donate 5% of each purchase to a preschool of the purchaser’s choice. They also donate 5% of each purchase to a scholarship fund created to help parents afford preschool for their children. I LOVE places that give back! Another holler?

** Finally, and the place you can make moolah!!!!!!!!!!! Hands up if you love MAKING moolah? Well then sign up through my link HERE and then tell a friend or two or three. Each time that you get someone new to sign up for Savvy Source, you will get $5 Savvy Dollars when they make their first purchase. How sweet is that? Are you pumped yet? Then sign up HERE quick!!

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