Savvy Shopping Class Dates

Want to learn how to do this?
My total cost was $11 (and $10 of that on diapers!!)

Hoosiers and Illinois folks I’ve got good news: I’ve got some class dates for you. If you’ve never quite understood The Drugstore Game or want to slash your grocery bill up to 50-75%, then this class will help you I promise.

April 12 at 6.30pm: Summit Library, IL
April 14 at 9am: Lakeview MOPS
May 19 at 6.30pm: Lansing Library, IL
May 25 at 7pm: Oak Lawn Library, IL
June 22 at 7pm: Woodridge Library, IL

In the past I’ve taught at MOPS groups, Moms’ Groups, a library, civic centers, church, and even a couple of PTO meetings so if you would like to book me I’d LOVE to hear from ya! I’ve gotta pay for my caramel macchiatos somehow 😉 If you’ve got a women’s group at a church I’d love to hear from ya!

For more information about these classes or to invite me to speak, please contact me at mummydeals at yahoo dot com (take out spaces.) It includes handouts, prizes and visual aids.

Still debating? Here’s what some people had to say from one of my classes:

Our patrons were thrilled with Clair’s presentation and learned a lot of useful tricks about saving money. She was educational, engaging and entertaining. And her fee was more than reasonable for our library’s programming budget. Tiffany Amschl, Crete Public Library District, IL

Clair spoke for our MOPS Group this fall. She is a wonderful speaker. The information she provides is valuable to everyone! She keeps your attention and keeps her presentation moving (while still answering questions). I would highly recommend Clair to speak! Julie Witvoet, Bethel MOPS, IL

I recently attended Clair’s Savvy Shopping Class, and I learned so much. The class was definitely worth the money, and you will make it back in Free products in no time. Just this week, I got $25.84 worth of products for $2.27. Thank you Clair! Wendy B, Burns Harbor, IN

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