Savvy Shopping

I’m a planner. I love things organized and all my ducks in a row. I also love giving gifts but that’s not always possible on a budget unless you plan ahead. I hate running out at the last minute to buy something that I could have got on sale which is why I love stocking up when I see a sale. Christmas for me starts on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) when I usually go and ransack the clearanced items at stores like Target and Big Lots. I love picking up napkins and paper for next year as well as hostess gifts and stocking fillers. It’s a great way to save money on next Christmas and if you have a little in your budget I’d encourage you to stock up now and put away until next year. Here’s a couple of rules I have:

  • Unless I really want something I wait until the sales are at 75% off. I thought most people were the same until a few weeks ago I went and looked at the Linens N Things closing sale and there were tons of people shopping when it was only 10% off. I couldn’t believe it! Even with a coupon you could get 20% off! If there’s something you really want, go in immediately, if not wait until they get down in price.
  • My best friend in England always used to ask me, “Would you buy it if it wasn’t on sale?” Now, granted, if it’s a great deal I may grab it just because of that but most of the time I really try and think if I need 20 of one item just because it’s cheap!!
  • Think about people you can give the items to. If it’s a really good deal, grab a couple of extra ones for those “just in case” moments. You know those times when you wanna give the mail lady a gift, or someone has a birthday you didn’t know of or it’s teacher appreciation day. Whatever the case, you’ll have something on hand and you didn’t have to break the budget for it.
  • It’s really all about shopping smart. Don’t get hoodwinked into buying an item just because it’s cheap if you really don’t need it and won’t be able to find a home for it.
  • Finally, check return policies. I think that Target won’t let you return holiday items. Make sure you’re armed with all the info before making major purchases.

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