Savvy Consumer Classes 2/26/09

There’s still time to sign up for my class in Munster, IN and if you were wondering what the Highland one was like, here’s a testimonial:

“I attended Clair’s class at the Lincoln Center. In the economic times we are facing, we all need to learn the tips on how to save money with regard to cutting back on our groceries, preparing meals at home & not eating out as much. I’m sure that in the past some of us have clipped
coupons or gotten rebates and then never used them. In Clair’s class, she taught us how to find the “freebies or almost freebies, & where to find coupons, how to match the coupons with sales, etc. Clair’s class was well worth the time just to see what’s out there & how to play the grocery game to cut back on our groceries & spending, so that we can find a little extra cash to save for a rainy day or just to have the extra cash for something special. I would highly recommend one of her seminars.” Sue Z.

Check out the info here.

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