Saving on Maternity Clothes

My favourite bit about being pregnant (besides the sheer delight of the baby) was that I could eat a ton and look bigger. I know a lot of my friends that disagree but I loved having a reason to not care how I looked!! Silly isn’t it? The silliest part? Although I loved getting bigger I didn’t want to buy maternity clothes. Maybe it’s the frugal part of me but I couldn’t see spending money on a wardrobe that would last only a few months. So I scrimped around and rustled things up and……….used an elastic band A LOT! In fact when my Mum came to visit and I was 6 months pregnant and still using a band to cover the bulge in my regular pants, she decided enough was enough and begged me to buy some maternity pants that would fit!!!!

Now the opposite is true and my maternity pants are my best friend even though I’m not pregnant. This time though I don’t think it’s the frugalness in me as apposed to the dread of admitting the Mummy Tummy is not going anywhere so I thought it would be fun to do a little post about how to save on maternity clothes.

My best advice is beg, borrow and steal. Ok, maybe not the steal part but seriously I’ve got a couple of friends who lent me all their stuff while pregnant. Some I loved, some not so much but who cares? It’s free! Once one of them got pregnant I gave them the stuff back and added a couple of things that I’d bought. We’re just rotating clothes right now! Of course problems occur if two of you are pregnant together but that’s where planning comes in, right??!!!!!!!!! LOLOL!!!

Garage Sales can be a great source and I’ll admit that even though I’m not pregnant now (see I’ve said it twice now for people wondering!) I’ve picked up a couple of pairs of pants this summer for $1 each that I’ll store away.

You don’t need as many items as your normal wardrobe. My regular wardrobe is a little crazy as I’ve had some stuff for years but with my maternity clothes I have: – 1 pair of black pants, 1 pair of khaki colored ones and some jeans. A bunch of tops and I’m set.
Finally, try your regular clothes. Most of my sweaters and some of my tops fit throughout my pregnancy and i loved it. It’s cheaper that way and I loved showing my growing belly off! The style right now is those shirts that billow out and they’re perfect for pregnant bellies.

Hands up, girls, don’t be shy: Anyone else still in maternity clothes and not pregnant???!!!

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