Saving on Contact Lenses

I got this email from a reader, Cindy, about her experience with contact lenses:

I have to tell you that when ordering contacts, you MUST do your homework! The eyeglass place where my daughter had her exam charges $28.99 for one box of Acuvue Advance contacts. I shopped online and found Lens123 wanted $22.48 for a box and 1800contacts want $20.99 per box. The last two are discount prices for buying an entire year supply. I happened to be in Sam’s Club after the eye doctor office who refused to price match 1800contacts so I told them I would go home and order online. Sam’s has an optical department and I stopped there. There price was the BEST around at $18.74 a box making a 1 year supply $129.92 after an in-store rebate of $20.00.

Sam’s got my business for contact lenses!!!!

Here’s the figures:

  • Visionworks $28.99
  • Lens123 $22.48
  • 1800contacts $20.99
  • Sam’s Club $18.74


  1. Thank you so much for the info! My daughter just let me know today that she was on her last box. I am a Sam's member and never checked there myself. Now I will…

  2. You should try I got my contacts through them and it was cheaper than 1800contacts!

  3. It just so happens that my daughter just let me know that she is on her last box of contacts. I would have never thought about buying them at Sams. Thanks,

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