Saving Money on Medication

Did you know that you can get FREE antibiotics at Meijer and Giant Eagle grocery store? I didn’t either til a few months ago but am so glad I found that one out as it saved me big one time. it made me think though: What other tips and tricks are there for saving on drugs and who knows about it? So here’s my little How To Save on Medications list. First though I want to mention this. I’d already written this post and then when i refilled a prescription. I’ve had it filled 3 times at 3 different places. EXACTLY the same prescription and all 3 times I’ve asked for generic. Here are the prices I paid. No lie. My point: Believe it or not it pays to call around.

See here for a step by step guide.

#1: $48
#2: $15
#3: $4!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not going to name #1 or #2 but I will tell you that #3 was Target. Wowsers!!!!! Here are my tips:

1) Check to see if your pharmacy offers a generic version. Generic drugs use the same active ingredients and are approved by the FDA like brand names drugs.

2) Certain pharmacies including Target, WalMart, CVS and Walgreens offer cheap generic drugs. Ask for a list and bring that to your doctor’s office. Ask them to prescribe you something comparable from that list if possible.

3) Check around for a Transfer prescription coupon. These come in the mail, as a newspaper insert, or are sometimes available online. I rarely see them out for new prescriptions but if you have an ongoing one, check around. CVS will match the competitor’s ad to try and keep your business so you can use Walgreens/Target ones there!

4) Some people play the transfer “game”. Starting at one place, then using a coupon to transfer to the next and getting money back and then going back. If you have an ongoing one this is a good way to save money.

5) If you need antibiotics and have a Giant Eagle or Meijer nearby I’d head there first!

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