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If you’ve started couponing and subscribed to a paper then this controversy may be starting to really affect you. Although here in Chicagoland, we haven’t seen anything disappearing in some parts of the country they are no longer getting their Red Plum inserts. And it’s going to start happening to all of us unless as you couponers we stand up! I just got an email from a website that talks all about what’s happening and I thought I’d share so you can make up your mind. My main concern is that if it works for RP the rest of the coupon companies will follow, leaving us with no coupons, no savings and no fun! Read on:

On February 1, 2009, Red Plum coupon insert distribution was discontinued in many newspapers in major cites throughout the U.S.

Inserts that can only be obtained through one per household mail delivery means
· Larger families that consume more products have only the same access as a single person to coupons. They now have no means to acquire more coupons to support the larger volume that their family needs. Consider that all peanut butter coupons are delivered through the Red Plum. A family of 8 in the targeted area now has access to the same number as grandpa living alone with no means of obtaining more.
· Savvy shoppers that have used their shopping skills in the past to purchase for the sole purpose of donation are now left unable to obtain the coupons needed for their mission work.
· Shoppers that take advantage of quantity sales will have yet another saving skill taken away. A sale that requires the shopper to buy a larger quantity in order to receive an additional discount will not have the same discount now that the shopper has no means to get a coupon for each item purchased
· Fewer coupons available give the double coupon and like incentives less impact. If a consumer is not able to obtain the number of coupons their family needs they will be forced to shop, not at the local chain stores that offer double coupon incentives, but at the big box and generic product stores that offer a few cents discount off each item.

Through this link a consumer can request to receive one mailed insert – but, it states that it could take 6 –8 weeks to get ONE insert per household.

Printable Red Plum coupons can be obtained through this link . Even though printable coupons are on the rise, they are not a substitute for coupon inserts in our weekly Sunday’s papers.

  • · Many stores do not accept them.
  • · Unscrupulous yet talented individuals easily alter printable coupons. Illegal coupons quickly pass from one Internet user to another and are often used by even the most honest coupon user, for the difference cannot be seen.
  • · Those that best benefit from coupons do not always have Internet access or means to print coupons.
  • · Printable coupons are limited.
  • · The cost of the ink and paper that is required in printing coupons is now passed on for to the user to absorb rather than the product manufacturer.
  • · As we all know, printing coupons is not often easy or fair.
  • · Printable coupon technology needs to improve by leaps and bounds before we have that be our ONLY means of acquiring coupons

Red Plum is forging in a new direction that will change coupon use. If the direction is met with little or no resistance and is more cost efficient for them, the rest of the coupon industry will soon follow. You have the chance to not let this undesirable change be an easy one for Red Plum.

We now need to use those same resources and skills to keep our tools within our grasp.
Go to Bring Back the coupons and let your couponing voice be heard!

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