Save on Tuition

I know there are lots of private schools out there who help cut the cost of tuition by doing school gift card programs. What I didn’t know was that you could already start to earn tuition for your child from even before they’re in school. Here’s one local school’s program but these are available country-wide so if your school has one, leave a comment and let us know!

Crown Point Christian School
Co-ordinator: Paulette Schaap
Details: SCRIP is a tuition reduction program. Families can order gift cards/ gift certificates at face value via the order form. They are good for everyday items such as groceries, fuel, clothing, restaurant meals and gifts. The are treated the same as cash at Kohl’s and JC Penney, so you can pay your credit card balance.

The school purchases the certificates at a discount. The discounts are noted on the order form. The profit is split to help cover the costs associated with the program. The family gets 3/4 and the school gets 1/4.

A registration form with your signature must be completed to sign up for the program. SCRIP is ordered year round (usually every other week). The school website contains a blank form (Upper right corner). This form contains the most popular certificates that are ordered. To see all that are available go to (think vacations, cruise lines, Disney, hotels…) Earnings are credited to tuition (or your account) three times a year. You can start saving before you even send your kids there! No cash is accepted, only checks.

Crown Point also does paper recycling, toner cartridge recycling, and collects Box Tops, Campbell’s soup labels, and Tyson A+ if you’d like to help us out!

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