How to Save Money With Your Smartphone on Black Friday

Disclose Smartphone on Black Friday

If you’re looking to score great deals on Black Friday, you’re not alone and this post will show you How to Save Money With Your Smartphone on Black Friday.

Millions across the nation will embark on the same quest to find the best deals. Using your smartphone is a great way to shop on Black Friday. There are few apps that will help you on Black Friday, and by simply downloading them on your Droid Ultra-you’ll be well on your way to saving a lot of money on Black Friday.

1) TGI Black Friday: This app features ads from all of the major retailers, and the Droid Ultra app allows you to create your own shopping list. The app also sends notifications to your phone when new deals become available.

 2) features coupons that can be used for your smartphone on Black Friday deals.

3)  Ibotta is a great app for giving you coupons and deals.

4) Shopkick will also send coupons to your Droid Ultra phone for Black Friday discounts.

5) this app will allow you to compare prices at retailers around the nation.

Besides using apps on your Droid Ultra, you can also use your smart phone to make a shopping list, track your spending and take pictures of items and save with your smartphone on Black Friday. By making a shopping list on your phone, you’ll more likely only buy stuff that you need or want to purchase as a gift. This will cut down on impulse spending.

Tracking your spending with your calculator, or with your bank’s app on your phone will make sure that you stay within your budget for Black Friday shopping. And finally, you and a friend can shop at separate stores, and by texting and taking pictures can ensure that you buy what the other wants at the store. This saves time and makes shopping more hassle-free!

Happy Black Friday!

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