How to Save with your Droid Ultra this Holiday



Are you looking to save money when shopping during this holiday season? If so, you may consider using your Droid Ultra when you shop for gifts. What’s easier than using your phone to shop for gifts?

1) Sign up for mobile coupons: There are may retailers that offer coupons for deals at the holidays. Coupons can include clothing, shoes, electronics and even groceries. To use mobile coupons, you simply present your phone to the checker to scan.

2)  Take advantage of easy mobile reward services: Many retailers offer discounts, sales and promotions to their loyal customers. Other programs like provide you points for walking into a store, and more points are acquired when you purchase items from the store. My favorite two are Ibotta and Shopkick

3)  Keep track of money your spending by using your Droid Ultra. Downloading a program like Google Drive lets you use a spreadsheet to keep track of the money you’re spending during the holiday season. This can help you stay in budget and compare how and who you’re spending your money on.

4)  Use a budgeting app like This can help you plan your budget, so you know how much extra money you have after bills to spend on the holidays.

5)  Make a shopping list on your phone. Using an app like Evernote can help you make lists for your holiday shopping. Then you can keep track of what gifts you want to buy and where you to want to buy them.

About Verizon

I have spent the last 6 months reviewing Verizon’s service and in particular the Blackberry Z10 and Droid Ultra. I LOVE the speed of service and the 4G network. Before then with my other carrier I felt like I had “faux-G” instead of 4G! I’ve also really enjoyed the Droid Ultra. I’m a Droid girl anyway and the capabilities of the device are awesome. It’s been a fun experience!

A couple of weeks ago Tim asked if we were going to continue the service after my blogging with them ended and I’m pretty sure we’ve made the decision to switch from Sprint to Verizon. It’s been motivated by a couple of things like price and value but also by how fast and reliable the service is. So that’s my unbiased review: we may ourselves be switching service!

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