Samaritan’s Purse Video

Seriously after what feels like months of trying to VLOG, I am sooooo excited to announce this!!! My first ever VLOG post. Don’t worry there’s more to come for sure now we know how. All thanks to my new FLIP!


  1. Esther Hawkins says:

    This is awesome Clair!!
    First, I love it that you're using your blog as a platform to support organizations.
    I love your tote idea – I'm going to do that for sure. I have one for birthday/ Christmas gifts too – always looking for bargains and then it means I don't have to go shopping every time someone has a b-day, or break the bank at Christmas.
    And finally, I love that you're doing videos. I just discovered podcasting. Apparently people love our accent and would listen to us read the dictionary :0

    Keep it up!! -this is so great 🙂

  2. Clair,
    I loved this post! what incrdible timing…I just left Wags after buying clearance toy items…..hmmmm. Great job on your first VLOG!!! You go girl! I can't wait to start my Samitans Purse Box!

  3. Jessica says:

    Good job!! Our family has been doing shoe boxes for many years now. We help each of our children pack a box. Last year we were excited to do 7. (#8 was a brand new baby!)then in Feb. I discovered coupoing!!! Now I don't have to pay money for boring stuff like toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. My goal is to double our amount of shoeboxes this year and do 14! Maybe next year we can do 30! What do you use for shoe boxes. Any way to get free or cheap boxes that you know of??

  4. Frugal Friend says:

    Thanks for your post on the FLIP camera. Ours came last month and hubby used it with ease. We were about to spend $300 on a camera. Instead we spent less than $60! You saved our family lots of money. Thanks so much!

  5. Clair, Thank you so much for all the work you do to make my life easier! You are truly an inspiration and this is just one more way I can help others. I appreicate all that you are doing for your family as well as all of ours! Keep up the outstanding work! Frin in AZ

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