Rolling WAGS RRs This Week

Yeah the piccie is sideways and I don’t know why so please excuse that but I just wanted to show you what I legitimately managed to do at WAGS this week. Some of you have been having problems rolling the rewards so I wanted to post a piccie of how I did it in 1 store, with 1 cashier (albeit one VERY nice cashier and one very empty WAGS!) so that you know it can be done legally, legitimately and EASILY!!! Here’s what I did:

Transaction #1
Fish Oil $8
Used $4.50 from Colgate RR
Got $8 back

Transaction #2
Bought Softsheen $6
Sure deodorant $2.99
Milk $3.49 (high but necessary!!)
Used $1.50 off coupon for Sure
Paid with $8 RR
Received $6 RR and will do MIR for Sure

Transaction #3
Bought Fish Oil
Paid with $6 RR

Hope that helps someone!!

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