Rolling rolling rolling…..

….keep those ECBs/RRs rolling. Raw hidddddddddddddde! Ok, I don’t normally sing to you but I thought Mum would like that as she loves Westerns.

Today I got a check back from Coricidin for cold relief for high blood pressure. Why oh why would I send in a mail in rebate form for something I don’t use? Because it was free? Nopers but close try! Because I got to roll some ECBs. You see over Thanksgiving when I got the big haul of stuff I ended up with a gazillion ECBs. And you know that the next week there was not much for free so I had to spend them at CVS somehow and there’s only so much candy I can buy for Samaritan’s Purse so I decided to spend them on a Mail in Rebate and effectively cash them out.

I bought the product with ECBs and sent it off for the MIR. That meant that although I paid a little in taxes, I got it for free and was able to use some bucks. “But, Clair, what in the world are you gonna do with it? What a waste!” Well, friends, I’m gonna donate it. Currently I have a few boxes of stuff ready to donate so it won’t go to waste. What a win win!

So, why am I bringing this up? Well you know all those Huggies RRs you all have from last week? Why not buy the Vitamin Shampoo and Walgreens Allergy Medicine like I did today. Submit the allergy medicine for the ES rebate online and send the receipt in for the Vitamin Shampoo. That killed one $10 RR for me.

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