Rolling Register Rewards at Walgreens

Remember my post here on rolling ECBs and RRs? Well it appears that I’ve struck a nugget of a tip so I wanted to expand a little. The main problem with RRs is that they only last a couple of weeks so what’s a person to do??

  1. You can use RRs at Jewel, Dominicks and I believe even Kroger and various other stores that take competitors coupons.
  2. You can roll one RR into another. Although you can’t buy 3 x Colgate and expect 3 RRs you could do this: Roll the chapstick into the Scuncis even if you don’t need them because you can roll them back into more chapstick. So, buy Chapstick at $1.99, get $2 RR. Buy Scunci (this next week) at $2, get $2 RR. Buy Chapstick with that RR. Get it? Just keep rinsing and repeating!
  3. Buy RR stuff and use the RRs to buy your FAR stuff this month.

Note: The toothpaste and toothbrush may not roll as it’s the same company. The Skintimate and Edge will not roll into each other.

If you have any problems with not getting your RRs, contact the Catalina company at 1-888-8 coupons.

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