Rocket Craft

My oldest son Isaac is 4 and loves dressing up, especially as a superhero which is why I knew he’d love this rocket craft. You simply take empty pop bottles and upcycle them for this fun idea.

Materials Needed

  1. 2 empty washed out pop bottles for each rocket pack.
  2. Spray paint. I used silver as it made them really “pop”
  3. 2″ ribbon (preferably to match the spray paint)
  4. Duct tape
  5. Orange and yellow felt

1) Spray paint the pop bottles.  I found the best way was to put them in a brick with holes in so that they stayed upright while drying.  It takes about an hour.

2) Once dry, tape the pop bottles together around the middle using the duct tape.

3) Now you need to know how big your kids are.  You can re-adjust later if needed but take the ribbon and measure from their back and around their shoulders and cut two strips the same size.

4) Tape one strip onto the back of the pop bottle to form a loop and stick on with the duct tape.  (This is why silver works great and covers mistakes!)

5) Cut the yellow and orange felt into small strips.  You need about 4 per bottle.

6) Remove the lids from the bottles and discard.  Stick the felt into the bottle using duct tape.  (Not sure why I didn’t take a photo of this step, sorry!)

7) Help the kids on with their new rocket packs and watch them run around like crazy!

8) We made the rocket packs for Isaac and his buddies but Chase (1) got jealous so we needed a pint-size idea for my little guy.  Enter empty Gatorade bottles!  He loved it!

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