15 Road Trip Games For The Kids

15 Road Trip Games For The Kids

road trip games

Road Trip Jar/Maybe I Will

License Plate Game/The Dating Divas

Car Bingo/Moms Minivan

Slug Bug/Prepared NOT Scared!

The Little Gift Game/Army Wife to Suburban Life

The Muppet’s Road Trip Game/Mommy Maestra

First Word/The Game Gal

Tic Tac Toe/Say Yes

Road Sign Bingo/The Frugal Girls

The Great 50 States/A girl and A glue gun

Count the Colored Cars/My Kids’ Adventures

Coloring Pages/I Overthink Everything

Traffic Jam Game/Crayola

Travel Bag Surprises/It’s Always Autumn

On The Road Games/Salt and Pepper Moms


  1. Thanks! These are some good ideas–we’re heading out on the road in a couple weeks, and I’m brainstorming new ideas for this trip. I blogged about our favorite road trip audio books and music here: http://www.everythingtosomeone.com/2014/06/16/great-audiobooks-for-long-road-trips/

  2. That hits the target petfcerly. Thanks!

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