Review Of The MicroDry Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat

I got to try out the MicroDry Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat that’s available from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $29.99. It’s a new fabric that absorbs water fast and dries really quick which is nice for when you’ve got lots of people running through the shower. What I loved about it was:
* The feeling of it as you stepped on it. It’s so soft and cosy and although it’s hot here, come the winter it’s gonna be lovely!
* It dries super fast which is great for when you have toddlers splashing water on your bath mat!

The only problem I had was the color. I was sent it in ivory. Uh yeah, maybe not the best bet with little kids so I’d highly recommend the green. Plus we have a very small bathroom and this kinda takes over a little so the smaller size would have been better!
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