Review of Source Naturals Allercetin

I never had allergies. Not one little bit. I’d open the windows during the fall and spring and not worry at all.

Then I had Chase and in my third trimester I got fall allergies and had to take medication. I wasn’t at all tired (errrrhmmm) and so taking something to make me even more tired (as I couldn’t take the really “good” stuff ) wasn’t an issue. Not a bit. *Insert sarcasm here.*

I thought the allergies had gone after I gave birth until fall last year. Yup, they’re back and after them kicking in this yearIi guess they’re here to stay and I’m miserable. I tried 3 brands of allergy medicines and finally settled on Zyrtec but I’d still be up at night, sneezing, coughing and waking up Hubs. Yes he was really happy.

Then my dear friend gave me an Source Naturals Allercetin (48 Tabs) and guess what? I’m not up at night anymore! I won’t lie I still the Zyrtec with it BUT I feel soooooooo much better when I take one of these a day too. Next week I think I’m gonna try coming off Zyrtec.

Yup I may have got my allergies from Chase but I get my meds from Amazon as it’s the cheapest!

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