new Offer: Eat Out for less

Mummy Hearts and right now they’ve got a fab deal going on thru 1/12/10.  All their certificates are 50% off plus you get a $10 Certificate free when you enter code CHOW.

I was introduced to it through a couple of people and am loving the discounts. The bottom line is, you can buy gift certificates there for half or a third of the cost of what they’re worth and eat out for way less. When you’re on a tight budget eating out is nearly impossible but these guys really help lessen the costs.

It’s really simple – You can buy a $25 gift certificate for $10! You just type in your zip code and the mile radius you want it and it gives you a list of participating restaurants. They always run specials to save you even more money and right now if you use code: CHOW Save 50% off $25 Gift Cert. orders and FREE $10 Gift Cert. with purchase. Use code CHOW and Pay $5 thru 01/12/10.

The best thing? You print it straight from your computer and can go out that night!


  1. NovemberSunflower says:

    I wanted to share this post with everyone I know, so I hope I did it right. I clicked to be able to create a link. This is a great deal. Shared it with everyone on my twitter and facebook through my blog but used your post. Like I said, I hope I did it right!

  2. Cindy's paradise says:

    While can be a good deal, there are so many restrictions (no weekends, have to spend a certain amount to use, etc.) I don't find them as useful as Sure, you have to wait for your gift card in the mail a couple of days, but it's a gift card for twice as much as you paid for it.

    I also have gotten some sweet deals on groupon. As you have said, it's living well for less!

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