Redbox Offers Game Rentals 2012

Redbox is an awesome way to save money on movies as it’s a vending machine that offers $1.20 movies!  New releases are included and now they’ve got games on offer too. Yup! Redbox has the newest and most popular games for Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Wii – all for as low as $2 a day!
Join the Redbox SMS network to get special deals.
Using this Redbox deal is simple:
  1. Find your nearest location. I know there are ones in Strack’s, Jewel, some Walgreens, some Walmart stores, some McDonalds, Meijer, and Ultra.
  2. Go and pick a movie.
  3. Swipe your credit card and voila, a movie appears from the vending machine!

Did you hear about Verizon and Redbox tying the knot?

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