Redbox FREE rental 4/27/09

You can use this code to get a free rental at any Redbox location: 4CW33N. Good until midnight tonight. Using this Redbox deal is simple:
  1. Find your nearest location. I know there are ones in Strack’s, Jewel, some Walgreens, some Walmart stores, and Ultra.
  2. Go and pick a movie.
  3. Swipe your credit card and voila, a movie appears from the vending machine!

Remember, regular rentals are a mere buck and you can get these alert sent to your phone in a text.


  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you for posting the free codes!
    One suggestion, it may be good to add to your simple directions that they have to select The “Rent with promotional COde” button, not the regular rent a movie button, if they do, it doesn’t give you a chance to enter the code. trust me it took a few rentals before we figured it out.

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