Recycling Tips

While preparing an article on Freecycle for this week’s Times, I found a few recycling tips I thought were interesting:

* Many schools and community organizations collect printer cartridges and cell phones for recycling. You can help save valuable landfill space by donating printer cartridges and cell phones to them. You can check with schools, nonprofit organizations, recycling centers, or hazardous waste collection programs to see what recycling or disposal options are available in your area.

*When you get new prescription eyeglasses, don’t throw the old ones away! Charitable groups as well as many eyeglass retailers collect these and redistribute them to individuals in need, both locally and around the world!

*Libraries, schools, hospitals and businesses with waiting rooms are great places to donate used books and magazines.

*Recycle your yard waste by creating a compost pile, or taking your yard waste to a local mulch facility. Yard trimmings contain nutrients that make excellent mulch and compost to be used on your flower beds and to help enrich the soil. Making mulch or compost also keeps more materials out of the landfill!

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