Rebate round up

When I first started sharing with my friends about how I get things for free the common response was, “I don’t want to clip 25 cent coupons and I don’t want to photocopy and mail in things.” Well, I’ve been doing the latter for a long time but now thanks to Walgreens new policy I can do it online. However, I’m so used to mail in rebates that I don’t mind doing them. I know they’re a little more work, but some are worth it. Here’s a few that I think are worth doing!

Go here to see how you can try Just for Men for free. Print a coupon here for $2 off. I think that you’ll still get back an $8 rebate, even if you only spend $6 as this is a fixed rebate. My suggestion?? Go to CVS. Buy Just for Men and some milk (or something worth $2+) Take off the $2/$10 coupon then the $2 off coupon. Spend $6 and then send in for the $8 rebate!! You made $2 and got FREE milk!

Try Kelloggs SmartStart for free here.

Try Fresh Sacks for free here.

Try Arm & Hammer Essentials for free here. Use this coupon to make the purchase price even cheaper. I think you’ll only get back what you pay (not minus the coupon) but it’ll make your out of pocket cost less!

Free 6-pack of Ensure here. Again, I would buy this at CVS and after using the $2/$10 coupon here you should get it for free + overage!

Try Land O’Lakes butter for free here.

These were my rebates for last week. Ok, so none of them we can use but we know people who’ll be blessed by them (and the Touch of Gray is a gag gift!!) Anyway, I made money on all 3. I bought them all from CVS and used the $2/$10 coupon. Plus, I got ECBs for the ACCU-CHEK and I will mail in the rebate to get more money! I will make $12! So, yeah, sometimes mail in rebates are worth it!!

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