RAOK Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I started a new weekly post that from now on every Wednesday will be Random Acts of Kindness Wednesday. I’d love to hear stories of how during the week you’ve gone out of your way to bless someone, help them, or do something out of the ordinary. What I don’t want this to turn into is a “toot your own horn” moment which is why I hesitated in doing this.

My story this week is kind of wild to me! When I first started this blog I gave out the website to people I’d meet at garage sales and tell them about the blog. One day I met a lady and gave her a card not thinking much about it until she started commenting. When I asked her how she found my site, it turns out she was the one who I gave a card to who lived a few blocks down from me. Fast forward a couple of months and through this blog Tina and I are now friends.

The reason I want to highlight her is for a couple of reasons:

  • She’s always commenting on my posts (which helps me realize there’s people out there!)
  • She’s also constantly encouraging me.
  • She’s given a bunch of the things that she’s got for free to others or friends (who doubt she can get so much for free!! If you’re one of her friends reading this, don’t be skeptical, it’s true!!!)
  • Finally, she’s constantly doing stuff for others. As you read this I’m out getting a facial while Tina is watching Isaac! Isn’t that amazing? I really appreciate her and had to give a little shoutout to my new bloggy friend!

So, leave a comment or a link about how someone has blessed you or give ideas on practical ways we can bless others and be EXTRA-ORDINARY!


  1. My husband and I recently moved here to the Chicago area for school. There is a couple from our church that took it upon themselves to provide a monthly dinner for students like us. I dubbed it “The starving students club.” The couple has done this for a while and when they started it a few years ago there was only 3 or 4 couples. Right now at our church there is 12 couples that are currently in school. So to accommadate the large crowd they now make dinner TWICE a month for two seperate groups of students. Their generosity overwhelms me when I think of them and what it means to us. It is very welcoming and heartwarming as we are in a new place where we know very few people.

    ps I love your blog!

  2. awwww shucks!!Thanks!!

  3. Cline Family says:

    small but fun RAOK – when i go to aldi’s and return my cart, i leave my quarter in. i’m hopeful that the next person to come up to the cart corral can’t find a quarter in their purse and finding the one left behind just makes their day. 🙂

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