RAOK Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I started a new weekly post that from now on every Wednesday will be Random Acts of Kindness Wednesday. I’d love to hear stories of how during the week you’ve gone out of your way to bless someone, help them, or do something out of the ordinary. What I don’t want this to turn into is a “toot your own horn” moment which is why I hesitated in doing this.
So, each week stop by here and either leave a comment or if you have a blog, a link as to how you brightened someone’s day that week. Let’s encourage each other to be extra-ordinary!

This week I’ve got an encouraging story as to how I was touched by a RAOK. On one particularly difficult grocery shopping day where Isaac was screaming to be out of his cage (AKA the cart) I got to the register and they don’t pack your bags so I was trying to unload, pay and repack with a baby on my hip.
All of a sudden two things happened: First, the cashier tried to make Isaac laugh by scanning the items and yelling out after each one!! Second, the lady in front of me just starting packing my bags. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of those moments that gave me hope in others, that made me delight to be a human and I couldn’t stop thanking her.

It’s encouraging to know there are others out there who for no reason at all just want to help others out.

So, what was your RAOK this week? Or, how have you been blessed by another person’s RAOK? Please leave a comment or post on your blog and then post back to me. We’d love to hear your stories!


  1. Ellie's mom says:

    I went to Kohls this week. I took along my 9 month old baby. I went during her nap time. I as thinking that she would sleep in the stroller while I shopped. That lasted maybe ten minutes. So I was in the fitting room trying things on. She was fussing and wanted to get out. So I was rushing out of the fitting room. A couple minutes later while I was putting some things back a lady walked up to me and handed me my purse. I had left it in the fitting room in my rush out. I thanked her over and over. I was so grateful for this act of kindness.

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