R U an Addict?

My FREE issue of Babytalk just arrived and one of the headlines announced, “Are you at risk for the newest Mom addiction?” In my heart I knew what they were talking about so I raced through the cover to find the article and sure enough a whole 3 pages on Moms addicted to the internet. As I took the quiz I couldn’t believe it, I had 6 out of the 7 “syndromes” and was forced to admit my slight addiction!

I get addicted to bargains and getting things free. My stockpile could rival most women’s and yet I see something free at CVS or Walgreens and I run out. Then I run home, take photos and blog about it.
I check my Facebook at least twice a day, I spend time putting deals together, checking chat rooms to make sure I didn’t miss something and then of course there’s the email. Yup, I have FIVE email accounts. F.I.V.E. Ok, so I can reason all that away and defend each account but still it’s a lot. And it got me to thinking seriously about this.

Gone are the days when women would have all their family around and all hang out together and cook together. Gone are the days of women living near their Moms. Maybe you’re like me and she’s not around. With those days went the simple life that I enjoyed in Thailand. We would think nothing of hanging out and cooking together or tackling projects together. Instead now we sit around online and make buddies online. I have a friend who blogs who’s hubby wouldn’t let her meet some friends she’d met online because to him they weren’t real!!!

They are now going to try and classify this as a disease (because that’s what “they” always try and do) but it made me things of ways I’m going to try and prevent my love for the computer from getting all-consuming. Sure, I use it as “cheap therapy” away from my son. But, I don’t want it to ever take away from him. So I commit to:

1) Setting time limits online and not wandering off into chatrooms or Facebook accounts that I don’t need to.
2) Spend more time at playdates with friends.
3) When he’s napping do some cleaning instead of just blogging.
4) Ask God to help me manage my time better. First I’ll take responsibility but I need Him to help!
5) Number 5 is why I decided to blog this. When I first got involved in frugal deals I would check blogs/chatrooms 5 times a day and it was addicting trying to work out the best deals. A couple of weeks ago at my MOPS group I was talking with some friends about how I can help not do that. So from now on I commit to only posting in the morning. Unless I spot a have-to-move-on-it-right-now kind of an earth-shattering deal I will not post all day long so that you don’t have to keep checking!

What do you think? Isn’t it hard to get offline?


  1. Travis and Amber says:

    I am absolutely addicted to the Internet! I’m giving up facebook for Lent, which probably means I’ll be doing more blogging and blog stalking! BTW I’m Amber in Chattanooga, TN and I love your blog!

  2. Clair,

    I SOOOO agree! I need to start setting limits too!!:)

    Thank you for giving me a reality check!

  3. I agree with you totally Clair! Only difference is that I work outside the home during the day. I find myself immediately going to the computer when I get home.

    I often think what I ever did without the computer and internet. How did we ever live without computers before?

  4. I do the same thing. Facebook is my #1 trouble spot. On and Off all day!!! Making sure I didnt miss something. I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old. I feel its my only adult connection during the day, but I really do need to set some limits. I feel like I need internet rehab!!!!

  5. I’m completely addicted.

    My SIL set up a blog at New Year’s, and I thought it was so neat I made my own. I’ve realized this week that I spend far too much time reading blogs, and staring Monday I will set some limits.

    It’s just SO easy to go from one blog to another looking at all the great ideas and great deals, and before I know it half the day is gone.

    Great post – thanks for getting me thinking today.

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