Q&A Time: CVS Extra Care Bucks Transactions

So I’ve got a newbie to the blog who’s full of questions which I LOVE! I love helping new people get fab deals. She’s emailed me a couple of CVS scenarios that may help other newbies out. Seasoned frugalites, feel free to chime in!

Question #1
Here’s my question: Can I check out with all of the items (listed below) in one transaction at CVS? Or do they each need their own transaction to get the respective ECB’s?
– Blink Tears Eye Drops (0.5oz) = $7.99
– Zegerid OTC (14ct) = $9.99
– Gillette ProGlide Power or Maual Razor = $9.99

You can check out all at the same time and you’ll end up with 3 seperate ECBS. CVS is just great like that.

Question #2
One other situation: what if I wanted to buy 2 of the Gillette ProGlide Power Razor- then would it need to be two separate transactions in order to get the total of $4 of ECB’s ($2 for each)?

Nopers! if the limit is 2 you can buy 2 but the total will be combined on purchases of the same item. This is okwhen the total is low as in the example above but if it was a $9.99 ECB and the limit was 2, you want to split it up or be stuck with nearly $20 in ECBS. Remember when you use them it has to be over the amount on the ECB.

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