How to Put Together a Last-Minute Spring Break Trip

So, you were planning on spending spring break at home?  At the last minute, you decide that you want to venture out of state for a spring break vacation. Consequently, you haven’t made any plans for a spring break trip and you have a lot to do in a short amount of time. That being said, some of the most memorable and fun trips are spur-of-the-moment ideas. Here are some tips to put together a last-minute spring break trip.

How to Put Together a Last-Minute Spring Break Trip

Recruit your friends

The more people you have, the less money everyone will need to spend, and the more fun you will have. Ask another family if they would like to travel with you. This saves tons of money because everyone will share the cost of travel, hotel, and so on.

See how much money you and your friends have for the trip

Making sure everyone has enough money for a spring break trip is important. If you are going solo, it is vital that you have enough funds to cover transportation, hotel, food and fun. If you are going with a group of friends, it is still necessary that you have enough money to cover all expenses (no one else is going to pay for your dinner every night).

Decide what method of transportation you will take

Whether you are alone or with a group, you need to decide on transportation. If you can drive, that is probably your cheapest method of transportation. If you are in a group, everyone can share the cost of gas, which would help with the cost even more. Seriously, sharing a vehicle with other people will save you the most. Obviously, you may have to put a cap on who comes with you!

Check online for last-minute spring break deals

Check online for last-minute spring break deals. The places that have not completely booked yet are willing to give you a deal to book at their resort. A travel agent may be able to help you find a great deal, if you do not want to do the grunt work yourself. Decide on a place that has a good vacation package deal (this is the best).

Make a packing list and pack

Make a packing list to be sure you don’t forget anything essential. This is especially important, since you weren’t planning on traveling and you may feel rushed when you are packing. Plus, buying things at your vacation site can really add up!

It is possible to put together a last-minute spring break trip and save money. Whether you go with friends or not, be sure you have enough funds. Decide on a method of transportation, find a great last minute package deal, and make your list and pack.

Finally, it’s time to relax, have fun, and enjoy the journey. What tips do you have for us?

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