Protein Packed Healthy Banana Splits #HealthyChoices

Healthy Choices

Two months ago I made the decision to really watch what I was eating and make more healthy choices for myself and my family. Sure we were eating lots of fruits and vegetables but I felt one area we really lacked was watching the amount of ingredients and type of ingredients we allow in our bodies. One thing I know for sure: Not all calories are created equal. Here’s a couple of other things I’ve learned on my journey that I hope can help and inspire your family including this awesome protein packed Healthy Banana Split recipe that I created and now serve to my family for breakfast {Major brownie points for Mum!}

1) Not all calories are created equal.

Diet companies and fad diets will tell you that all calories are equal so watch your calories and you’ll lose weight but this theory falls down when you consider that there’s no way that a lean piece of chicken has the same impact on your body as an equal amount of calories in chips. My goal is to eat wayyyyy more natural things, things that I could grow or get from animals.

2) Just because it says healthy, doesn’t make it healthy.

This week I got to check out two Healthy Choice products and went on a shopping trip to grab them. While there I wanted to grab some natural peanut butter to make the Healthy Banana Split Recipe below and was shocked at what I found. Ok, maybe not shocked but certainly not pleased. To me natural peanut butter is 1-2 ingredients: peanuts and maybe salt. Not sugar, variations on sugar and other stuff. Just 1-2 things. It was billed as a better option and yet clearly wasn’t.

3) Water is key.

While on my shop I bought myself another water bottle as my kids keep dropping mine and I’ve found that if I have a reusable bottle and a straw I drink at least 4 of the 24oz bottles. That’s over 96oz of water per day! Sometimes I add a lemon and it makes me drink even more.

4) Make healthy choices….one choice at a time.

Honestly if I’d told myself months ago that I was going to embark on a healthier living journey I’d still be eating cookies by the boatload. Instead I told myself we were just going to eat more natural foods…one thing at a time. The problem with fad diets is they require you to be drastic and ya know what? Sometimes a girl just wants a Cadbury Creme Egg without feeling guilty!

Protein Packed Healthy Banana Splits #HealthyChoices

I also got to check out the Healthy Choices Top Chef section and picked out the Chicken Marinara with Parmesan. I don’t normally choose frozen dinners but this doesn’t look….or feel like the ones I’m used to. I steamed it in it’s own bowl in the microwave for 4 minutes and then ate it from the sturdy bowl inside. No cheaply made plastic that you can’t eat out of and all I needed to wash is the fork. It’s only 280 calories and was shockingly tasty for a frozen meal (read: it actually tasted like chicken, broccoli and noodles! Yum!)

Protein Packed Healthy Banana Splits

I’ve been wanting to blog this recipe for ions and then I went shopping for the Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt and knew I could incorporate it. Normally I add all the ingredients to the freezer after making it to make it into frozen yogurt but buying the pre-frozen stuff saved me time!


Protein Packed Healthy Banana Splits
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 1 cup of Healthy Choices vanilla bean Greek frozen yogurt
  • 1 TBS natural peanut butter
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 banana
  1. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Cut the banana down the middle and top with the frozen yogurt.
  3. Add a cherry for decoration and serve.
  4. You’ve just created a great power-packed snack.



Protein Packed Healthy Banana Splits #HealthyChoices

Gluten-Free Cookies & Ice Cream

Hubs favorite snack right now is vanilla bean ice cream and cookies mixed in. Yup, sure sounds good but sure isn’t great for you or your hips so I decided to skinny it up using the Healthy Choices vanilla bean frozen yogurt.


  • 1 cup of Healthy Choices Frozen Yogurt Vanilla Bean
  • 2 gluten free cookies

Simply crumble the cookies into the ice cream and serve {to an unsuspecting Hubby!}

So how are you making healthy choices? Anyone got any good ways to avoid the sweet tooth addiction? Leave a comment and share or tweet this: I’m making #healthychoices by … @mummydeals @Healthy_Choice Find Healthy Choice on Facebook or join the Mummy Deals Facebook crew!

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Protein Packed Healthy Banana Splits #HealthyChoices

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