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So, guess what?

The Mummy is gonna be a Mummy again! Yes, I’m 12 weeks pregnant!

Although I love my little guy and wouldn’t trade him for the world, pregnancy has knocked me out again this time physically and emotionally. While some of you may be sitting there now going, “aha that’s why she keeps skipping my CVS deals” or “That’s why things seem a little late and off around here!” Please forgive me. Quite often sleep has come first and I’ve napped instead of blogging. Shocker I know!!! So that’s my big news and as I have the best readers ever I wanted to let you guys know.

Which moves us into Point Number 2: Streamlining.
I love blogging. I love writing about how to get free items, or how to balance the budget. What I don’t love and what takes time is coupon matches. Now I know you love those so we’ve got to compromise, k? Instead of getting rid of them (oh the horror!) or trying to kick my preggo butt in shape (hmmmm, I prefer chocolate and napping over Walgreens matchups) I’ve got a plan! Starting this week but definitely more on schedule next week I’ll still have all the deals you love around here but with some other bloggers helping me out. That way I can nap and eat my extra 300 calories/day in Dove bars and you can still coupon! Sound good? K!

Point Number 3
As you read this I’m in a car on my way to St Louis for a Mummy-cation. Build-A-Bear have invited me along for a brand building few days and I’m pumped. Hotel room, pool, food and fun and a little time away? Sign me up I said! Don’t panic though, I’ll still be blogging and dealing!

Have a great week Mummy Dealers!

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