PLEASE READ: It’s Here, It’s Here, It’s Really Here!


This is about a year in the making, tons of encouragement and support, and help from 4 awesome friends. I am so stinkin pumped to announce the launch of a weekly

Charity Challenge: Paying It Forward On A Budget.

I LOVE a good deal but what I LOVE more than a good deal is a good deal that helps others! Allow me to explain:

Some have accused couponers as being crazy or ridiculously stockpiling for no reason. Well, firstly I believe that I’m supposed to take care of my family so I make sure we have enough toiletries but seriously how much shampoo does one person need???

Not only is this blog about how we can grab freebies (which I ABSOLUTELY wanna help you do) but it’s about how we can use our couponing powers for good to give to others. I have a box downstairs that’s my needy/charity box and every time I hear of a need I dip in there and am able to give…on a budget and mostly for FREE! I just looked at it the other day and it’s jam-packed with goodies and yet I just gave stuff away to 5 different families over the past 2 months. How is that possible? Because I’m always thinking ahead and this week I want to encourage you to start this in a very EASY, PRACTICAL, FRUGAL way.

From now on every Tuesday I will issue a Charity Challenge. It will be simple for everyone to do, cost a little and take up just a little time and I want you to join in. The goal is for us to give back to organizations we believe in.

This is a national event but for my local readers in Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland we’re going to be physically giving this away! Here’s some details:

Love INC is a national, non-denominational Christian ministry. It exists to help churches answer Jesus’ command to meet the needs of the poor. We will be working specifically with them to help get necessary items like food, toiletries and clothes to the poor in our community.

We will be working with libraries as drop off points for us to collect the goodies you gather and then will distribute it to the very needy.

We will work with Moms groups and other organizations to get the word out and thus help more people in dire need.

So long as it depends on us we are committed to helping see that people around us don’t go without food or necessities.

Would you commit with me to helping those less fortunate? Join me each Tuesday for the challenge and drop off locations will be announced soon.

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