Please Help Kids This Christmas

Our annual Mummy Deals packing party is coming up and I’ve got a problem! Although I’ve got enough stuff in my basement to fill AT LEAST 1000 shoeboxes, each of them needs $7 in shipping costs.

I would love to be able to cover some of the cost of shipping and for that reason I’m doing my annual


In February 2012 I traveled to Ecuador with Operation Christmas Child where we gave out shoeboxes to some very poor children who had nothing materially but beamed from ear to ear as we showed them love through a simple box.

Kids like Sebastian. My sons Isaac (4) and Chase (2) gave me items here to place in a box and I took it down with me. I spotted a little boy and decided I’d give it to him. Sebastian was 2 and loved all the candy and toys in the box. His Mom was so blessed with the letters and pictures from here and I was so excited to show them the love of Jesus through the simple gift.

Would you consider donating to this GREAT cause? Even a dollar would help but $7 would be HUGE! If everyone on my lists gave we’d have more than enough!

There are two ways for you to donate:

1) Go to Fundrazr and donate online. The minimum amount is $5.

2) Write a check to Operation Christmas Child and mail it to me: Clair Boone, 8500 Kennedy Ave, PO Box 9251, Highland IN 46322.

3) Pay for a follow your box label and mail that to me.

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart I ask you to take a moment and give to this amazing organization. I would really appreciate it and I know the kids will too.

With much gratitude,

PS NONE of this money, NOT a dime is for me. Please don’t write checks to me or Mummy Deals. Nor do I work for Operation Christmas Child. I simply blog on a voluntary basis.

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