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Right now there’s a boat load of snow on the ground in Chicago and it’s hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner but like it or not Valentine’s Day is a-coming and if your spouse is anything like mine, he needs a little help picking out gifts which is where pickURgift comes in! I remember a couple of years ago Tim said to me about a week before Christmas, “I just haven’t had time to go out!” When I reminded him he’d had 364 days he glared at me.

Ya see while I love to shop Tim would rather clean the bathrooms at our house than he would ever step foot in a store and yet over the years he’s done it for me. Now, it got a whole lot simpler for him with this FREE website called pickURgift.  Yup, it’s not going to cost you anything to sign up!

Pick UR Gift

What is pickURgift?

Born out of the idea that sometimes picking the perfect gift can be overwhelming, pickURgift takes the stress out of it for you by allowing users to create personalized wish lists that you can see and then choose a gift from. This is also super helpful in reverse for say out of town Grandparents.


The monkeys and their English Grandparents!

My parents are in England and love to send my children gifts from there that they can’t find here but they also like to get them something that they can really use. Many times we’ve had them chip in with Tim’s parents to buy them items but it generally involves Tim and I going shopping for the kiddos and the Grandparents really wanting to know what to get. If you’ve got generous family like we do this site is AWESOME for letting them know some of the things your kids would want without feeling needy or money hungry! Simply set up a wish list for your child’s birthday with ideas of things they’d like and then when your family asks for ideas send them an email with the pickURgift list attached!

If you’re the one buying for family, ask them to fill out a pickURgift wish list and email it to you. Point them to the website and explain how easy it is!

Need More Ideas

Not only can you select gift ideas but if you need help shopping for someone they have a Gift gURu Page. These are the gifts that were selected by pickURgift members who received a gift page. Gift pages are created using the pickURgift Button from merchants all over the web, by our creative and thoughtful users and are super helpful if you’re stuck for ideas.

Pick UR Gift 2


Create a Wish List

When hints are needed pickURgift is a huge help! I’ve been thinking that with Spring around the corner it’d be nice to do some home decorating…but on a budget of course so I checked out pickURgift and went to my fave spot: Target online. Instead of sending Tim into Target with no ideas at all using the site I’m able to show him some of the things I love. The great thing is you can be super specific (the throw cushions I loved I specified we needed 6) or more general and let them pick some things out (I show him the Nate Berkus collection but don’t say exactly what I’d like.) All you do is go to the page on the website you love and then hit the bookmarklet “pickURgift” and it does the rest. Then I have a Wish List full of ideas to present to him or email him!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner pickURgift takes the difficulty out of shopping for a loved one!  Sign up today…for FREE…and start your wish list. Plus, when you sign up today you get entered to win up to $500 in Amazon cash! Total score! 

Win with pickURGift

pickURgift is giving away a HUGE prize to one lucky reader and all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below. Simply set up a FREE account with them and add some gift ideas using the bookmarklet tool to qualify for a $250 Amazon Gift Card. If you then share your gift board with someone else you’ll be entered to win the $500 Amazon Gift Card!  The great thing? I bet it takes you less than 5 minutes to get exactly what you’d like for Valentine’s Day and from now on!

I blog with integrity: Brandfluential approached me to do this pickURgift review but my opinion remains 100% my own!

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