Photo Valentine’s 15 Cents + Card Ideas

So if I’m honest I don’t think photo cards need to be super creative but YOU DO! I think my fave cards are the ones where my (stinkin adorable) kiddos dress up and pose. I don’t do tons of background just cute cards. Right now you can grab 10 notecards for just $4.50 shipped and cut them into 3 to make 30 notecards plus it comes with a FREE photo upload. I LOVE the quality of Vistaprint and this is THE CHEAPEST I’ve seen.  The cards are FREE but shipping is $4.50.

So now what? Well some ideas. This year Isaac (nearly 4) is crazy into superheroes so this was my plan:

“Have a super Valentine’s Day!”  Tape it to some sweethearts for a frugal Valentine.

“You’re a super friend! Love Isaac.”  This one you could also punch a hole through the card and add a dum dum pop to it or other treat.

This is his first year of preschool and first time to hand out Valentine’s. It’s going to be weird as it’s also his birthday so he’s gonna think it’s all about him! HAHA! Anyho: order yours now to guarantee delivery by V Day!

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