Photo Birthday Cards For 46 Cents

So there’s just some things that I refuse to pay full price for and birthday cards is one.  But, I do love a good one which is whyt last year my birthday cards were a smash success and here’s how yours can be too:

  1. Take an adorable picture of your kids.  I bribed Isaac with a cupcake to pose with…well a cupcake!
  2. Upload your photo to Vistaprint. You need to go through that link to get the 10 FREE notecards deal.
  3. Right now they have a deal where you can get 10 notecards for $4.68 shipped. That’s less than 50 cents a card!
  4. Send those out and your cards will be quite the hit too. I even used them for a baby shower card with the words, “literally Happy BIRTHday” and everyone passed it around!

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